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At Daihatsu U-CAR, we employ professional authorized assessors to check your car thoroughly.
The Daihatsu purchase price takes into account plus points, allowing us to offer great prices.

We only have professional authorized assessors with Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) assessment qualifications assess customers' vehicles.
In addition to checking vehicle minus points, our assessors also assess plus points thoroughly, from the condition of the vehicle overall, to any optional equipment, allowing us to offer great prices.

Moreover, the vehicle assessment also affects how much it will be sold for later as a used car.
With normal used car dealers, many cars bought from customers are sold at auction, incurring middle margins such as auction exhibit expenses and transport costs. With Nagoya Daihatsu and Mikawa Daihatsu, however, there are more than 10 used car dealers in the prefecture, meaning that extra costs such as auction exhibit expenses can be avoided. It is this that allows us to offer great prices.

Purchase flow


Purchase dealer list

Dealer name Address Information
U-CAR Narumi store 2-145 Urasato, Midori-ku, Nagoya
Niie store 2-1416 Niie, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya
U-CAR R41 Komaki store 3-160-1 Sotobori, Komaki
U-CAR Anjo store 16 Sumidagawa, Akamatsu-cho, Anjo
U-CAR Iwazu store 26-1 Aza-gotanda, Nishikuramae-cho, Okazaki
U-CAR Toyokawa Interchange store 2-1 Ueno, Toyokawa