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ダイハツ ウェイク LスペシャルリミテッドSAIII ワンオーナー 禁煙車

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New Experience くるクル 3D

Rotate car 360

Detailed Vehicle Information


Mileage 21K Repair history No
(motor vehicle test)
検3.11 Manual
Authorized used car Hitory of usage One owner
Private car
Condition Certificate

Basic Specifications

Steering wheel Right Model year
(year of first registration)
Displacement 660cc Riding capacity 4人
4WD - Fuel ガソリン
Doors 5D Eligible for eco-car tax break -
Transmission CVT Supercharger, Turbocharger -
Body color パールホワイト3 Last 3 digits of chassis No. 840
Vehicle control No. 32100911656 Welfare vehicles -


Airbags ABS Air conditioner
Power steering Power windows Slide door
Antitheft system Idling stop Drive recorder

Exterior, Interior

LED headlights Discharge headlights Rear seat monitor
Car naviigation system TV CD
Aluminum wheels Leather seats Keyless
Smart key ETC Rear view monitor
All around view monitor

Safety equipement

Automatic high beams Electronic stability control Collision mitigation system
Clearance sonar Auto light Smart Assist Ⅰ
Smart Assist Ⅱ Smart Assist Ⅲ Smart Assist Ⅲt

Warranty, After Service

Manufacturer's warranty
Store warranty 12ヶ月
Mileage 走行無制限
Comment 基本保証部位:部分保証、有償延長保証:対象外
Legal inspection Requirements Prior to Delivery

Inquiry/Estimate Request (Free)

アテンションThese models can only be bought at a dealer


Estimate Request (Free)

アテンションThese models can only be bought at a dealer

Base price

Total price

Model year Mileage Displacement Shaken Repair history
2018 21Km 660cc 令和3年11月 No
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  • バナー3
  • バナー3
  • バナー3
  • バナー3
  • ミニバナー
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