Nagoya Daihatsu Mikawa DaihatsuIf you're looking for secondhand car or subucompact car, serch for DAIHATSU secondhand NET.

Japanese / English

Language Based on Law Pertaining to Specific Commercial Transactions

The following is based on "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" Article 11 (Advertisement of Mail Order Sales).

Sales company & location U-CAR Division, Nagoya Daihatsu K.K.
1-373 Ichinokuta, Komaki, Aichi 485-0034

U-CAR Division, Mikawa Daihatsu K.K.
22-5 Inariyama, Etakecho, Nishioshi 445-0031
Sale price Please refer to the page for each vehicle.
Required expenses other than vehicle payment
  • Registration procedure cost
  • Vehicle setup cost
  • Transport fee
  • Insurance
  • Extended warranty (Sincere Warranty Plus)
  • Automobile acquisition tax
  • Consumption tax
  • Cost for requested options, etc.
Payment method Bank transfer (transfer fee paid by customer)
Payment period Bank transfer: Please transfer payment within 3 business days of purchasing vehicle on this site.
Vehicle handover period Registration documents will be sent to the customer once the order has been completed, and
   payment by bank transfer has been confirmed.
   Your vehicle will be transported to your home in approximately 3 weeks after returning
   the registration documents within 7days of their receipt.
Returns, replacement ≪If no hidden vehicle faults (at customer's preference)≫
  Refer to "Returns".

≪If hidden vehicle faults found≫
・If the customer finds a hidden fault(s) in the relevant vehicle within 1 year of vehicle delivery, and when DAIHATSU Used Car Net is notified of the fault(s), the sales company shall shoulder the cost of fault repairs invoiced by the customer, or a reasonable sum for repair costs for the relevant fault(s) paid by the customer.

* This does not include such cases as replacement of parts consumed during the course of normal use.
* DAIHATSU Used Car Net accepts no responsibility for normal defects occurring as a result of the way in which the previous owner used the vehicle or aging.