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After Service

Creating dealers where customers "feel happy they chose" Nagoya Daihatsu or Mikawa Daihatsu.

Even after buying your car, inspections, motor vehicle tests (Shaken), and maintenance service are carried out by professional Daihatsu mechanics. Feel secure in the knowledge that your enjoyable life is supported by all of our Nagoya Daihatsu and Mikawa Daihatsu dealers.

Reason why customers choose DAIHATSU Used Car Net

We offer a 1 year "no mileage limit" Sincere Warranty Service (Magokoro Hosho service) for vehicles purchased from the excellent Daihatsu U-CAR (free warranty). What's more, 1 year or 2 year warranty extensions are also available (fee required).


Our "Sincere Warranty Plus (Magokoro Hosho Plus)" service is available for those who wish peace of mind and coverage from the 2nd year.

Sincere Warranty Plus
(Magokoro Hosho Plus)

We recommend "Sincere Warranty Plus (Magokoro Hosho Plus)" for those customers who feel that "a year warranty might not be enough". For a small additional fee, you can choose from a further 1 year or 2 year extended warranty. (fee required)

* Enrollment in "Sincere Warranty Plus" is required prior to vehicle delivery. Enrollment is not possible after your vehicle has been delivered.
* The "Sincere Warranty Plus" warranty period can only be selected when purchasing a used car. Warranties cannot be extended (continued) midway through the initial warranty period.

Great value pack for necessary maintenance from the time of purchase until your next motor vehicle test (Shaken)

Wonderful Passport

Daihatsu dealers are on hand to provide full support for the comfortable car lives of our customers from free inspections following vehicle delivery, to periodic inspection, motor vehicle tests (Shaken), and daily maintenance. Leave it to our manufacturer-certified professional mechanics.

A healthy car is good for both your wallet and the environment

ECO maintenance

Car maintenance is good for the environment?
Carrying out normal car maintenance is also good for the environment.
From daily maintenance to precautionary care for your peace of mind, leave it to the Daihatsu professional mechanics!

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Keeping your car clean

Clean car declaration

Reward your car by keeping it clean to ensure comfortable use!
We offer superior maintenance services including car washing, body coating, as well as interior and engine room cleaning.

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